March12 TRAUMA – 70000 Tons Of Metal Live Review and Photos Available

US Thrash Heavy Metal Legends TRAUMA performed on the World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise 70000 Tons Of Metal, offering two great shows, in the Pyramid Lounge (1st cruise day) and in the Ice Arena on the 4th day. See more cruise photos here:

The staff of True Metal Lives -mag was present on the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise, writing an outstanding live review on the TRAUMA’s performance, read below.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Independence of the Seas pulled up anchor and headed for the open seas at 5:00 p.m.  A scant 15 minutes later, the live music began.  Jen and I kicked off our first 70000 Tons of Metal experience by checking out TRAUMA on the tiny Pyramid Lounge stage.  Trauma’s booking was a real surprise, because they’re a true underground metal act that even played Headbangers Open Air in Germany a couple of years ago.

Trauma is most often remembered as the band from which Metallica plucked Cliff Burton, but there’s a lot more to them than a historical footnote.  I had never expected to see the band live, so it was a wonderful surprise when they were booked.  Right out of the chute, they played five songs in a row from their seminal ‘Scratch and Scream’ album released on Shrapnel Records in 1984.  Although vocalist Donny Hilliard is the only remaining member from those days, and he’s hard-pressed to hit those high notes today, both he and the band sounded great.

It was a treat to hear songs like “Bringing the House Down” and “The Day All Hell Broke Loose.”  Those were part of the soundtrack of my teenage years back in the glorious ‘80s, and it was cool as hell to hear them delivered with style and class.  The newer songs also sounded strong, especially set closer “When I Die.”  Talking to the guys later that night when Jen and I bumped into them on the Royal Promenade, I was impressed by their warmth and genuineness.  True metal festival promoters, what are you waiting for?

Go book Trauma now!  Setlist: Scratch and Scream, The Day All Hell Broke Loose, I Kill for Less, Bringing the House Down, Lay Low, Egypt, Disengaged (brand-new song), The Warlock, Too Late, When I Die.

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TRAUMA was formed in 1980, having in their original line-up the iconic Cliff Burton on bass guitar, before joining Metallica in 1982. The band quickly became well known throughout California, playing at all the legendary venues, and their first ever recorded track “Such a Shame” was included on Metal Blade Records, Metal Massacre II album in 1982. Their “Scratch and Scream” (1984) album has long been considered a classic Heavy Metal collector’s item. Shrapnel Records re-mastered and re-released the album in October 2013, and TRAUMA reformed with a new line-up for the album re-release.

In July 2014 TRAUMA played at the Headbangers Open Air Festival, furthermore the same year TRAUMA signed a world-wide contract with Pure Steel Records. Their latest effort “Rapture and Wrath” was released on February 27, 2015. The band released a video of one of the new songs, “When I Die”, in February 2015. TRAUMA is currently writing material for a new album and is in the process of securing live touring dates.

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